Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC
Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC

Marilyn Campion

Director of Workplace Benefit Plan Administration

Marilyn grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota with a population of 850 people. A week after graduating from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a BA degree in mathematics, Marilyn moved to Arizona where she started in the retirement industry, specifically in the actuarial field. As private defined benefit plans diminished, she changed her focus to defined contribution plans. With a background in both areas, she’s been able to consult with plan sponsors and help them develop retirement plans to achieve their goals.

With the understanding that customer service is of the utmost importance, Marilyn believes in delivering on all service promises. The needs of the clients are ever-changing and she is proactive in reviewing each plan accordingly. She prides herself in listening to client needs and often working with them to discover what those needs are, with the discernment that they may be different down the road.

Marilyn loves sharing her industry knowledge with her colleagues. As a manager, she firmly believes you are only as good as the individuals who surround you. The more you can teach and the more you can learn, the stronger you are as a team. Outside of the workplace, her happy place is at the beach with her family. Marilyn loves to travel and has a passion for wine and craft beer.