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Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC

Sarah Martinez

Operations Director

Sarah Martinez is the Operations Director for FinDec. She started as a temp employee in 2014 and was hired in 2015. Over the years, she has put in the hard work and effort that’s contagious in the FinDec culture to become a leader and director.

Sarah is constantly growing as a person and employee. Whether she is helping and motivating people to grow, or pushing growth, it is a passion of hers. She has the ability to research just about anything — and she’s persistent to make sure that she finds that right answer.

Initially, Sarah was concerned that she wasn’t worthy of her job. But as she witnessed how the processes, she implemented helped the company grow and hit its stride because of those processes, she realized that she was not only worthy — she was essential. And the FinDec management team realized it too.

Sarah is big on growth — she strives to be better and better each and every day. It has really helped her in her career as she is always learning and growing — and, consequently, inspiring and educating other team members.

Sarah is the person who comes in, looks at what is a challenge or roadblock for FinDec’s clients, and helps change processes to make that experience better. She also looks at processes that are working which could be improved more, so that FinDec is on top of giving the best service it possibly can. The world is constantly changing, and client needs are forever changing, but Sarah is always on top of things. Sarah is truly a go-getter and passionate about making FinDec a great place to work and great business to work with.

She is also a big advocate for mental health and loves educating people on ways to cope. Her mother committed suicide when Sarah was only 22 years old while she was living with her. The healing process was a journey — one that was encouraged with the help of her FinDec team.

Sarah is currently completing a Bachelor’s in Management.