Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC
Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC

Ken Herold

Chief Compliance Officer
Ken Herold, AIFA, is the Chief Compliance Officer of FinDec. He has been with FinDec for 22 years and has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Ken is most passionate about guiding people to financial and personal decisions that are truly impactful. Working with people to develop and reach their full potential is something that really motivates him.

Across decades of ever-changing economic and social cycles, Ken has been able to consistently apply financial principles to changing situations. The proof is in the pudding for Ken: He has spent more than 40 years in the same industry, still enthusiastic about serving clients and working with his team. Ken credits both his work ethic and consistency for helping him maintain such a long career in the financial industry.

Ken’s biggest achievement is that he’s experienced a successful career in the field he chose, while witnessing successful outcomes for clients over their life cycles.

He credits a strong Jesuit education — Ken is a graduate of Gonzaga University — to helping him make a difference in his career. His education infused ideals of the pursuit of excellence, learning from experience, developing personal potential, thinking critically and effectively communicating. Underlying all of it was a commitment to service, something he still holds near and dear.

When Ken isn’t focused on compliance for FinDec, you will likely find him spending time with his family. Or, maybe attending a Gonzaga University basketball game when they are playing in Stockton at the University of the Pacific.