Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC
Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC

The FinDec Path



We are thrilled to extend our warmest welcome as you embark on your onboarding experience with us.

At FinDec, we believe that every step we take together marks a meaningful partnership aimed at achieving your goals. You can expect your onboarding process to take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to complete from the execution date of your contract(s). Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you throughout this process, ensuring a seamless and enriching transition into our suite of services.

Below is the path you can expect to take during your onboarding process.

Thank you for growing with FinDec!



The “phases” detailed out below are to provide a greater understanding of the implementation process. The checklists point to specific documents needed to support each step of the journey. Our onboarding coordinator will send you the supporting documents that can then be completed and uploaded to the secure portal on the left hand panel of this page.


Sales Presentations


Workplace Benefit Plans Packages
Present Proposals


A plan that covers
the basics


An enhanced
retirement plan


A white glove
retirement plan

Execute Contracts

  • Complete Business Profile
  • Recordkeeping and Third-Party Administration Services Agreement
  • 3(38) Services Agreement (FinDec Wealth Services, Inc. acts as 3(38) Advisor)
  • Estimated Fee Schedule


Schedule welcome call with client, retirement plan consultant, onboarding coordinator & RM (Relationship Manager) – Transition out retirement plan consultant

Phase 10: Pre Close

  • Obtain ERISA Fidicuary Bond
  • Identify employee that will be authorized user for Payroll Processing via Finch & Scharp
  • Authorized Payroll User will receive email invitation link to connect payroll system to Finch Platform
  • Collect ACH Bank Account Information for Payroll Processing
  • Collect Plan Document, Prior Administration Reports, IRS Documents and Participant Statements (If Conversion Plan)
  • Collect Third Party Advisor Information & Fund Lineup (Not Applicable to FinDec Wealth Services, Inc.)
  • Create Termination Letters and Provide to Current Providers (If Conversion Plan)
  • Obtain Trust Employer Identification Number for Plan from IRS (Complete SS4 & Form 2848)

Phase 20: Data Gathering

  • Set up plan document call with client, onboarding coordinator, Relationship Manager, Workplace Benefit Plan Administration Team – Create New Plan Document
  • Establish Participant Onboarding Date (Enrollment), Payroll Start Date and Conversion Date (If Conversion Plan)
  • Send Welcome Letter to Employees & Create and Distribute Blackout Notice (If Conversion Plan)

Phase 30: Internal System Setup

  • Send Disclosures and Notices to client
  • Set up Autopay Billing with FinDec
  • Sign Plan Document
  • Create and Sign Schwab Paperwork
  • Create Fee Disclosures
  • Set up recordkeeping system and Salesforce for onboarding

Phase 40: Participant Onboarding

  • Create Enrollment Experience (Online)
  • Employees complete enrollment experience
  • Client setup deductions for employees on payroll system

Phase 50: Payroll Setup

(If new plan only, skip to Phase 70 after this phase)

  • Confirm payroll system is connected to Finch platform and employee deductions are updated in payroll system
  • Setup access (Schwab Retirement Center (SRC) & Scharp Requirement) for authorized user for payroll processing to receive all notifications
  • Process first payroll based on date identified during Phase 20

Phase 60: Conversion

  • Process Conversion based on date identified during Phase 20
  • Prior Provider provides all reports for conversion

Phase 70: Wrap Up

  • Review all documents and systems to ensure everything is in good order
  • Confirm payroll is running smoothly
  • Confirm conversion is complete
  • Confirm website is active for all employees


Phase 80: Active

  • Hand off relationship from onboarding team to Relationship Manager Team.
  • Send out communication to all employees that the onboarding of the workplace benefit plan to FinDec’s platform is complete