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Questions? Contact us 1-855-4FINDEC

December 2021 Webinar: Financial Guidance

Round Table Discussion: Financial Guidance

Thursday, December 9th 2021 at 11:30 AM PT

Join FinDec top executives and financial advisors in a robust discussion on end of year planning and starting the new year off right. They will discuss the market outlook and what you should be aware of and have complete and also what should be done to prepare for a good start to next year.

Host: Michael Lee

FinDec President & CEO

Michael Edwin Lee is the president and Chief Executive Officer of FinDec and has been employed with the company in some capacity for nearly 25 years. Michael is most passionate about helping clients achieve goals they thought were not achievable. Specifically, he provides the resources to FinDec advisors so they can deliver and help clients reach aspirational financial goals. He loves to mentor people and provide leadership and direction in their careers. Michael’s leadership skills were sharpened through years of serving his country. He obtained the rank of Major, spending 13 years as a military police officer in the United States Army after graduating from college. He also served three years as a civilian law enforcement officer. Michael holds a BS in history from CSU Stanislaus and a Master’s in business and organizational security management. He is passionate about his family and living life to the fullest.

Tolen Teigen

Chief Investment Officer

Tolen Teigen is the Chief Investment Officer of FinDec and holds a number of relevant financial certifications, including CFA, CFP, AIF, C(k)P, ChFC, CASL, AEP and MSFS.

A financial professional for nearly 20 years, Tolen has spent seven years on the FinDec leadership team helping people make sound financial decisions. Tolen takes great pride in helping individuals and families develop financial security so they can focus on their interpersonal desires and goals. Very few financial professionals are both certified financial advisors and certified financial planners. Having both means Tolen brings a diverse background and understanding of how to work with both corporate clients and individual investors.

He has a track record of retaining clients and building on those relationships — clients regularly note that they fully trust him and will follow his advice wholeheartedly.

Chris Diniz

Financial Advisor, Stockton Office

Chris Diniz, AIF®, is a Financial Advisor with FinDec based out of the company’s Stockton office. Chris has been with the company since 2016

Chris is most passionate about educating and helping individuals save and prepare for retirement. He is great at connecting with people, which helps him in his role as he advises and builds on customer relationships for FinDec. Chris is a loyal team member and advisor to clients, ready and willing to put in the work it takes to perform at a high level.

He regularly receives positive feedback from individuals he has worked with or presented to that appreciate the content and delivery of his message. Chris is consistently helping clients understand how much to save, grasp details about taxes now versus taxes in the future and determine how to invest their retirement dollars.

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