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The Importance of Life Insurance

The Importance of Life Insurance

Thursday, September 22nd at 10 AM PT

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. During this informative discussion, we will cover the different types of life insurance, the importance behind it and the steps to getting set up with your life insurance plan. To make this as interactive as possible, we will offer a Q&A portion and polling throughout.

Host: Michael Lee

President & CEO, FinDec

Michael Edwin Lee is the president and Chief Executive Officer of FinDec℠ and has been employed with the company in some capacity for nearly 25 years.

Michael is most passionate about helping clients achieve goals they thought were not achievable. Specifically, he provides the resources to FinDec℠ advisors so they can deliver and help clients reach aspirational financial goals. He loves to mentor people and provide leadership and direction in their careers.

Guest Speaker: Tolen Teigen

Chief Investment Officer, FinDec

Tolen Teigen is the Chief Investment Officer of FinDec and holds a number of relevant financial certifications, including CFA, CFP, AIF, C(k)P, ChFC, CASL, AEP and MSFS.

A financial professional for nearly 20 years, Tolen has spent seven years on the FinDec leadership team helping people make sound financial decisions. Tolen takes great pride in helping individuals and families develop financial security so they can focus on their interpersonal desires and goals. Very few financial professionals are both a chartered financial analyst and a certified financial planner. Having both means Tolen brings a diverse background and understanding of how to work with both corporate clients and individual investors.

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